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This piece is beautiful with its ridged edging and natural stripes. 


Diametre: 8.5cm

Weight: 71g


PINK AGATE: Pink Agate is prized as a symbol of love and fertility. This stone is a promoter of love. It activates the opening of your heart chakra to allow love to enter. It promotes unconditional love and positive self image and self-confidence. This calming and soothing stone eases stress and provides feelings of confidence, protection and security. 

Small Pink Agate

  • All sales are final. Returns and exchanges are not accepted.

    Please note these are natural items and colours and tones may appear differently on screen.

    Each item may have natural cracks and imperfections which add character and beauty to the individual piece.

    Please allow up to 2 weeks for your item to be made, and an additional week for shipping. If you require it sooner than please email or call me prior to placing your order.


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