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About Agate

More than something beautiful...

Along with its supportive energy, the Agate stone has been long admired for its incredible beauty. Agate has a dreamy quality with signature bands made up of mineral deposits layered in a perfectly circular symmetry around its circumference.


A combination of igneous rock with silica deposits found in groundwater, the otherworldly bands give this semi-precious stone its trademark appearance. What gives the Agate stone it's incredibly powerful grounding abilities is its availability in different colors, including a palette of white, purple, black, gray, yellow, pink, red, and brown.


Agate stones are a protective & grounding stones, bringing balance to physical, emotional & intellectual energies. It is especially protective for children, and makes an excellent stone for children's amulets or to keep in a child’s room. It heals inner anger, giving the courage to love & start again. Improves concentration and brings great strength.


Agates with clear crystals can stimulate memories. Use this agate to awaken your awareness of your spiritual purpose.Agate is Ayurvedic birthstone for May, and a zodiac birthstone for Capricorn and Gemini.


PINK AGATE: Pink Agate is prized as a symbol of love and fertility. This stone is a promoter of love. It activates the opening of your heart chakra to allow love to enter. It promotes unconditional love and positive self image and self-confidence. This calming and soothing stone eases stress and provides feelings of confidence, protection and security. 


BLUE AGATE: This stone is a talisman for good fortune and healing abilities. It is believed to help release past traumas, giving you energy to move forward. Helps with sleep disturbances at night encouraging more pleasant dreams.


GREEN AGATE: This stone is the bringer of prosperity, money and good jobs. A protection stone for children against negative energies. Has also been said to aid in increasing fertility. Green Agate is linked to vitality and energy.


BROWN/ NATURAL AGATE: This stones soothing energy helps people overcome feelings of loneliness, releasing feelings of grief from loss and help bring strength to solve problems and overcome difficult times. It is believed that brown agate can help a person cope with their phobias, especially arachnophobia as this stone repels spiders. Keeps negative energies at bay.


PURPLE AGATE: Purple Agate is the stone of meditation and spiritual transformation. Purple agate is especially considered a stone of hope. It will keep you feeling positive and uplifted. It will help calm and inspire you.


*The advice given is solely for informational and educational purposes and not intended to act as a substitute for medical treatment.

Agate Crystals
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